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DEX (as well called Methylhexanamine, legal coke, snow, Forthane) is a very effective CNS stimulant, suitable appropriate for leisure use like a legal substitute to amphetamine and BZP. And the best thing about it - DEX IS COMPLETELY LEGAL AND NON-ADDICTIVE.

Why is DEX powder a good alternative to BZP?

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Fast Lane Stimulant

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DEX is an extremely potent chemical so merely a bit, 25mg, is required. Each 1g bag of our DEX is enough for over 40 doses.

ATTENTION: Don't exceed 90mg within 24hrs. Doses above this could cause adverse unwanted effects.

Is DEX POWDER legal everywhere?

YES! DEX powder is an 100% extract of the safe but powerful plant extracts. Simply because the product is legal, it does not imply that you should not be careful, and take moderately. This is actually the pure synthetic DEX over 200 occasions the effectiveness of oil and for this reason you simply need 25mg for one dose.

Effects of DEX Powder:

After taking our DEX Powder you will notice:

DEX Powder is an energy boosting powder. It is most effective consumed dry as a powder, for best effects. (Mixing it with water, juice or other liquid is possible but diluting it much will reduce effects). This product is legal worldwide and recommended dosage is around the 25mg which makes 1 gram of DEX Powder enough for 40 doses.

What are the ingredients?

DEX Powder consists of a powerful mix of naturally occuring and syntheticly derived plant isolates and Aminos. DEX IS APPROVED AND LEGAL WORLDWIDE! DEX POWDER CAN BE USED FOR PUTTING IN CAPS OR RESEARCH DEX is the world's best legal alternative to BZP and amphetamine. DEX is a powerful derivative and plant isolates of Barley, Paullinia cupana, Kigelia africana, broccoli, and the Amino acids Taurine and beta alanine, which resemble the body’s own chemical messenger, epinephrine (adrenaline). Like adrenaline, DEX is a really effective CNS stimulant.

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I love this stuff. No matter how worn out I am from work or even partying this always gets me back on my game. Chicks dig it more when you are full of energy and that is one thing this stuff does is it gets you amped.
- Ramon


I'm ordering more and getting the 10 grams this time. Really loving this and Vanessa who helped me by email was the best. Thanks much.